[K.A.R.D] BM Announces Launch Date For His New Brand

About a week ago, BM shared with the fans how he came up with the idea for his very own clothing brand: Staydium La. He even set up the official Instagram account for the brand, but he never revealed the exact launch date of the line… Until now.

Earlier today, September 14, BM uploaded a photo on the brand’s official Instagram account and announced that September 19 would be the official launch date. Fans seem to be really excited about it, and Matthew also promised that he would launch the official website and webshop soon.

This news comes right before the group’s next comeback and the U.S. tour that is set to start on October 18. You can find more info about the tour here.

Also, we just have to point out how BM got his friends to promote his brand even before the launch. It must be amazing to have your fellow celebrities there to help you out!

In the photos below you can first see his KARD teammates – Somin and J.seph – looking very cool posing for the camera in Staydium’s brand new pants…

…then we have Ashley of Ladies’ Code

…and, finally, BM himself:

Some smooth marketing strategies we see there! 😏

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