[K.A.R.D] BM & J.seph Release New Song

Back in September, BM revealed during a VLive broadcast that he was preparing a new song, titled “INFERNO”, with his fellow member J.seph.

BM didn’t reveal when the song will be released or whether it will be included in one of the group’s future albums. After the VLive and K.A.R.D’s comeback with “Dumb Litty”, the group went to the U.S. for their “WILD CARD” tour which ended with a concert in Atlanta on October 27.

On November 7, BM finally dropped the music video for “INFERNO”, that was filmed in the U.S. during the tour. You can watch it here:

The duo wrote the lyrics on their own, and BM did all the composing and producing.

How did you guys like “INFERNO”?

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