K.A.R.D Comeback Countdown

On September 15, K.A.R.D revealed the title of their new digital single and the comeback date, and now it’s time for teasers! We’ll be uploading all the teasers and comeback-related information here until September 22.

D-1 (September 21)

Hidden KARD, are we ready for tomorrow? The last official teaser before the song and the MV finally drop tomorrow is out and we’re more excited than ever.

In today’s teaser we got to see more of that fiery choreography we saw a glimpse of yesterday. We understand that a song like this one needs a powerful choreo, but damn, did they have to go this hard?

We absolutely can’t wait to see how everything we’ve seen in the past few days falls into place in the video. Even though they shared quite a bit in their teasers, we’re sure that K.A.R.D still have a few tricks up their sleeve that’ll knock us dead.

Can’t wait for tomorrow? Check out what Jiwoo had to say about her super sexy MV outfit.

D-2 (September 20)

Two more days to go until the release of “Dumb Litty” and K.A.R.D members just attacked us with an incredible dance teaser!

We really can’t decide what’s better – the moves, the outfits or just their overwhelming stage presence.

Right from the get-go, rapper Jiwoo snatched our wigs, and then BM and Somin finished us as they owned the stage during the chorus.

One thing is for sure: this will be an amazing song to perform, just like BM spoiled in one of his VLives. Jiwoo later revealed more details about the outfits and the choreography, and it all makes sense now that we got to see this video.

D-3 (September 19)

D-3 is a good one! We got our second video teaser, this time starring BM and J.Seph.

The overall badass vibe is strong in this one as well, and the boys certainly didn’t let the girls outshine them.

If (good) looks could kill, BM and J.Seph would be in a lot of trouble. The two of them sure did make a mess in this video, but we can’t help but think they look good breaking busts and pouring wine all over the place.

Also, we’d like to start a petition to ban BM from wielding a sledgehammer while wearing a mesh shirt because that is too dangerous.

The music in this clip reveals a bit more of what we can expect from “Dumb Litty”. Now BM’s comments about the song being perfect for running on a treadmill to make more sense – it sounds like such a pump-up track.

If their comeback is still not soon enough for you and you need more K.A.R.D. content in your life, we got you – go check out our recap of Jiwoo’s latest V Live right here, and stay tuned for more updates!

D-4 (September 18)

With only four more days until comeback, K.A.R.D. are stepping up their teaser game – we got ourselves a first video!

Somin and Jiwoo look absolutely out-of-this-world stunning in this clip. Jiwoo gave us heart palpitations in that red leather outfit, and don’t get us started on the way she quirked her eyebrow at the end of the video. She knows how breathtaking she is. And Somin, just wow. She managed to outshine all that bling she has all over her outfit.

And the music! “Dumb Litty” is going to be a banger, mark our words!

If you want to know more about their upcoming comeback, you should go check out our recap of BM’s V Live. The king didn’t really watch what he was saying and gave us a bunch of spoilers. He also touched upon the topic of haters in a typical BM fashion – he thanked them.

Stay tuned for all future updates!

D-5 (September 17)

We’ve barely managed to get over yesterday’s teasers and now we’ve been attacked once again.

How can one simple photo hold this much power?

These all-white outfits make all four of them look so regal, but in like a very badass way. They really would fit right in up on Mount Olympus among all the other not-so-benevolent gods and goddesses.

This photo makes us want to be a part of their crew, but also not really, because we’re definitely not cool enough for them. Just look at Somin and Jiwoo!

Between yesterday’s sexy but sophisticated photos and today’s equally sexy, but in a more street style kind of way, we really don’t know what to expect from “Dumb Litty“!

We can’t wait to see what they have in store for us tomorrow. Stay tuned!

D-6 (September 16)

K.A.R.D just released their first individual photo teasers on the group’s official Twitter account.

Firstly, we have these two photos of Jiwoo:

Blonde Jiwoo with green lenses and those golden earrings is just too much to handle! We were about to write that she looks like a Greek goddess, but then we read the caption and it’s already there! They couldn’t have titled the photos better…

Next up is Somin with two photos as well:

Are you team Chloris or team Aphrodite?🤭 We really can’t decide which concept suits her better!

Meanwhile, J.Seph looks like a prince in his teaser photos. Which one do you prefer: Dionysus or Ares?

Finally, the king is here as well. BM, the producer of K.A.R.D’s new digital single, looks so ready to conquer the K-pop scene with this comeback.

These two gods suit BM perfectly! And if this is going to be the concept for the upcoming video teasers and the group photo, how will the fans survive that?

Stay tuned for more daily updates!

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