[K.A.R.D] Jiwoo Reveals New MV Outift

K.A.R.D members have been super active on social media ahead of their “Dumb Litty” comeback that is set for September 22.

Two days ago, Jiwoo held an hour-long V Live session in which she expressed her views on the K-pop scene.

In particular, she said that she’d like it if K-pop idols experimented more with different stage outfits and fashion styles. She added that she likes the way Western artists constantly change their concepts and are not afraid to try out new, even controversial dance moves in their shows.

Jiwoo said that she’s constantly looking for inspiration and that she chose her outfit for this comeback herself. Now, that wouldn’t be big news if she hadn’t told us that the outfit was kind of controversial. She said that during the MV filming the staff couldn’t believe that she was wearing such an outfit because it’s not something other K-pop idols would wear. 

All this information really sparked our curiosity but, luckily, we didn’t have to wait long to see what is was all about. Check out Jiwoo’s two latest Instagram posts below:

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+ᴰᵁᴹᴮ ᴸᴵᵀᵀᵞ+

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After seeing these pictures we finally understand what Jiwoo was talking about in her broadcast. K.A.R.D are bound to set the stage on fire during their comeback showcase!

Jiwoo wearing red leather outfit briefly appears in one of their dance teasers that you can check out in our Comeback Countdown article.

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