K.A.R.D Release MV For ‘Dumb Litty’

The MV for “Dumb Litty” is finally here and we got to see all the teasers finally make sense. 

BM wasn’t joking when he promised us a song with a crazy beat that would be perfect to listen to during our gym sessions.

The four members’ energy and dance moves are in perfect sync as they rock that dual light and dark concept at the beginning of the music video. 

Jiwoo then goes straight into the rap and BM a.k.a Thor follows soon after. Matthew raps about being a “bad boy” and we do believe him after seeing all the scenes in this MV. 

Next up we see Somin as Aphrodite and J.seph being hot Dionysus on his throne. The transition from all that rapping to Jiwoo singing at 02:07 was fire, and it could easily be our favorite part. 

The Greek mythology vibes may at first remind you of some scenes from their MV for “Bomb Bomb”, but the rest of the video and the song definitely bring different feels. BM said that he was writing lyrics and rearranging the song until he felt completely happy with the way it sounds, and now we see what he was going for.

“Dumb Litty” will surely be a treat for all the American fans that will get a chance to see the group perform as early as next month. 

Stay tuned for more updates on their tour and comeback promotions!

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