[K.A.R.D, X1 Dongpyo] DSP Media To Take Legal Action Against Malicious Netizens

DSP Media, home to K.A.R.D and X1’s Son Dongpyo among others, has published a long statement on their official website today, September 18, according to this article.

In the statement it said that the company had been aware of the malicious and outright offensive comments aimed at their artists that have been circling all over social media networks for some time now. All of those instances had been documented and now the company is ready to take legal action.

According to the statement, the company will not be lenient and there will be no settling with the offenders.

This statement comes a day after K.A.R.D’s BM talked about his experience with haters leaving malicious comments on various social media networks. You can check out our recap of his V Live here.

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