K.A.R.D’s BM Shares Comeback Spoilers In VLive

Earlier today, September 17, BM went on V LIVE to talk about the group’s upcoming comeback.

He was visibly excited to talk to their fans and explain more about the concept for “Dumb Litty”. BM said that an A&R director in the company came up with this Greek mythology concept and that everyone was thrilled. Apparently, the concept totally fits Jiwoo and Somin, and BM was also about to spoil J.seph’s scene from the MV but he stopped himself mid-sentence… What could it be?

He also added that although Thor is not a Greek god, they had to give BM that role because it suits his style so much. We couldn’t agree more!

BM then briefly commented about haters’ comments he’s been seeing online and used this opportunity to thank their haters as well because they are “promoting the group in a way.” 

He added that fans have been wondering a lot about the single’s title. Matthew explained that they didn’t expect it to become controversial because, where he comes from, the phrase actually has a very positive meaning. Also, in typical BM way, he added that the song will be perfect to listen to while running on a treadmill.

BM then went on to talk more about the writing process and said that another song was meant to be the title song but “it just didn’t feel right”. Although all the members had recorded their lines, BM wasn’t completely happy with it. He then started writing another song and so “Dumb Litty” was created in just three hours.

When it comes to the MV concept and style, BM said that the girls looked like Western singers while filming, and that it’s not something often done in Korea.

He also promised that the song he wrote with J.seph – “Inferno” – will be very different from what they’ve done so far. 

Just when we thought that he couldn’t possibly reveal anything else, BM mentioned a fan meeting in Korea. Definitely the king of spoilers!

Lastly, he thanked their fans and said how excited he was to meet both Korean and American fans soon. A fan then asked about his back injury he mentioned two weeks ago, and BM assured everyone that it has completely healed.

We have to thank BM for feeding us well with all this new comeback info! We are looking forward to seeing the MV on September 22. If you want to stay updated on K.A.R.D’s comeback, make sure to check our Countdown article.

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