Kang Daniel Comeback Countdown

D-3 (November 22)

Kang Daniel may officially become our favorite actor!

In the MV teaser that he has just revealed, Daniel takes on the role of a hero who has to fight the bad guys. Check out who the other characters in Daniel’s movie are in the preview below.

We get everything Daniel showed here, except for Kong 2… DANITY, what do you think Kong’s role in “TOUCHIN'” will be?

D-4 (November 21)

Today we got a new batch of concept photos, this time with Daniel posing for the cameras in a red suit.

It seems that Daniel made sure that his new hair color matches the concept of this photo shoot, as he is no longer blond.

We can’t wait to find out more about the song and see Daniel perform “Touchin'” soon. Only four days to go!

D-5 (November 20)

Daniel has just released two teaser photos and it seems that he is going for a black and white concept.

With this kind of styling and aesthetic, doesn’t Daniel give off major silent movie star vibes

DANITY, what are you expecting for tomorrow?

D-7 (November 18)

(10:30 am KST)

It is now confirmed that Daniel will release one more song, titled “Adulthood”.

Daniel contributed to the lyrics of the second track, which makes usthata much more excited for his comeback!

(12 am)

On November 13, Daniel announced that he will release a digital single on November 25, and today we are kicking off the countdown to his comeback with the first concept photo for “TOUCHIN'”.

Daniel hasn’t revealed any more details about the upcoming single, but he will probably release more teasers tomorrow.

In the meantime, you can check out Daniel’s first official light stick here.

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