Kang Daniel Drops Special Clip For “Intro”

Daniel sure keeps Danity well fed with all the content he’s been putting out since his solo debut. So, today is no exception!

Moments ago, Daniel dropped a special clip for “Intro (Through the Night)”, making it his fourth dance video for Color On Me EP.  Unlike the previous videos for “I HOPE” and “Horizon”, that were filmed in a practice room, and “What Are you up to?”, which features Daniel and his backup dancers performing on a stage, the most recent video definitely gives off MV vibes. It was filmed on a set and the lights slowly fade away towards the end of the video. Don’t you think it’s perfectly suited to this song?

With dance videos for four out of five songs from his debut album already out, we are hoping that Daniel releases the video for the track “Color” soon.

You can check out the special clip for “Intro” here:

And if you missed any of the previous videos, we’ve got you covered:



“What are you up to?”

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