Kang Daniel Goes On Hiatus + ‘The Show’ Issues Statement

On December 4, Kang Daniel shocked his fans when he posted a series of short messages in his official fan cafe, stating that he was mentally exhausted from all the malicious comments and negativity that were flung at him since his debut with Wanna One.

In the messages he went on to explain how draining this year in particular has been – the legal disputes with his previous label followed by dating news, and finally, the malicious comments regarding his win on yesterday’s episode of The Show.

Following his heartfelt messages in the fan cafe, his agency, Konnect Entertainment, released an official statement in which they explained that Daniel was diagnosed with depression earlier this year and was taking medications along with going to therapy.

Daniel subsequently cancelled his pre-recording on today’s episode of MBC’s Show Champion where he was supposed to perform “TOUCHIN'”, and will stop his promotions in order to focus on his recovery.

Fans around the world immediately grew worried and expressed their support by trending multiple hashtags on Twitter worldwide, such as #강다니엘_사랑해 [KangDaniel_WeLoveYou].

MBC then issued a statement regarding Daniel’s victory on The Show and explained that there was no manipulation and that the score is calculated based on physical (10%) and digital sales (40%). Although Daniel issued a digital single, his perfect score (4,000 points) resulted from high digital sales that we were much higher than those of the other two nominees.

We hope that Daniel takes all the time he needs to recover!

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