Kang Daniel & Lee Chaeyeon As Charity Angels For September

According to the latest results of fans’ voting through K-Pop Star – Idol Ranking app, Kang Daniel and IZ*ONE’s Lee Chaeyeon were chosen as two top Charity Angels for this month. 

Danity showed what an amazing fandom they are when they donated a total of 19 million won (~$16,000) under Daniel’s name. 

Meanwhile, Chaeyeon’s fans contributed with a total of 2 million won (~$1,700) and earned her the second consecutive Charity Angel title for a girl group idol. 

After the results were announced, Chaeyeon and Daniel each donated additional 500,000 won (~$430) to the Kids & Future Foundation.

TWICE and IZ*ONE members totally dominated this list as TWICE’s Tzuyu and Nayeon and IZ*ONE’s Yujin and Sakura hold the next four top positions.

In the male idol category, other Wanna One’s ex-members also occupy top spots as Park Jihoon and Ha Sungwoon placed second and fifth, respectively. X1’s Wooseok ranked third and BTS’ Jimin came in fourth.

This is a fan culture that we totally support! Who do you think will be Charity Angel for October?

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