Kang Daniel Makes First Comeback With “TOUCHIN'”

Daniel has finally returned!

After a two-day fan meeting in Seoul, Daniel has finally returned with new music today, November 25.

In his first ever comeback as a soloist, Daniel released the “TOUCHIN’” single and MV, along with a second song titled “Adulthood”. Even before the official music video dropped at 6 pm KST, his fans trended #강다니엘_Touchin_6시공개 [KangDaniel_Touchin_6pmRelease] at No. 1 worldwide!

You can watch the music video for “TOUCHIN'” here:

As we already know, Daniel is a movie hero in this MV, with some mean dancing skills (1:20). In between all the dance segments, we can see him play mahjong against a mafia boss (?) and after he wins the game, the girl – shown in last week’s MV teaser – manages to escape the criminals. But alas, the bad guys still trace her later on and, after a few moments of suspense, Daniel finally saves the girl at the very end of the music video. The only question that remains unanswered is: what happened to Kong 2?

DANITY, stay tuned for more updates because Daniel will make his music show solo debut with “TOUCHIN'” on this week’s Music Bank!

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