Kang Daniel Shares Photo With Famous Director And Fans Suspect Collab

Ever since he set up his own company, Konnect Entertainment back in June, Daniel has been working hard to make not only music, but to keep fans engaged with special content such as dance clips for his debut album songs.

That is why fans grew very suspicious when Daniel shared a photo of himself and Baz Luhrmann, an Oscar-nominated Australian director, whose recent works include the global blockbuster “The Great Gatsby” (2013) and the Netflix drama series “The Get Down” (2017).

The talented director has already gained a lot of attention from K-pop fans back in October 2018 when he tweeted twice about BTS and the global expansion of K-pop music. 

Later on, in an interview for The Hollywood Reporter, he once again mentioned BTS’ accomplishments in the West and stated: “It’s remarkable the way K-pop has found a way — when you see BTS play Citi Field, that’s a stadium. And not everyone is a Korean expert, only about a quarter of the audience, so that means that K-pop is able to speak to an audience with various backgrounds. So I really admire what they achieve…” He was then asked whether there was a collaboration project with BTS in the making but he didn’t give a definite answer and left ARMY wondering about future BTS movies. 

Danity, do you think we will get a movie from Daniel and Baz Luhrmann? We are definitely rooting for this collab! 

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