KARD Announce Comeback & MV Filming

It’s been almost six months since KARD returned with “Bomb Bomb” and today they confirmed that their next comeback is already scheduled for late September.

The group is about to shoot the MV today, while the exact comeback date will be announced after they wrap up the filming and all comeback preparations. The news comes right after KARD announced their US tour that is set to start on October 18 in Los Angeles.

You can see the full schedule for their US tour here:

Oct. 18, Friday- Los Angeles (La Mirada Theatre)

Oct. 20, Sunday – Philadelphia (Theatre Of Living Arts)

Oct. 23, Wednesday – Houston (Cullen Performance Hall)

Oct. 25, Friday – Chicago (Patio Theater)

Oct. 27, Sunday – Atlanta (Buckhead Theatre)

With TWICE, CLC and now KARD releasing new music this month, K-pop fans are definitely going to be busy keeping up with all the comebacks. For all Cheshires out there, you might want to bookmark this article for all the fresh updates on CLC’s comeback.

We will also make TWICE and KARD comeback countdown articles as soon as the groups share their first teasers, so make sure to check those out later. 

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