[KARD] Jiwoo Shares Spoilers + Progressive Views About Female Idols’ Style And More

After yesterday’s comeback spoilers that BM shared, today Jiwoo followed suit and revealed even more comeback information on V LIVE.

At the beginning of the video, Jiwoo went straight to the point and asked fans if they wanted to know some more details about the music video. We expected a lot since BM previously revealed that Somin’s and Jiwoo’s concept in the MV is something not usually done in K-pop and Korea in general.

Firstly, Jiwoo started explaining how the Korean music scene has been changing and singers now feel more comfortable expressing themselves in different ways. However, she added that there is still a lot of room for improvement when it comes to stage outfits or dance performances.

“Compared to other groups, we’ve always worn more revealing and tight outfits[…] I hope that other Korean singers start expressing themselves more freely through their outfits. Everyone is like that abroad, but not in Korea… I still feel that it’s a bit like that here.”

She then added that her outfit for this MV might surprise or even shock some, but she thinks it’s really pretty and cool. 

Jiwoo also mentioned that she always looks for new stage outfit ideas and ways to improve her expressions when performing. She added that she learned a lot from drag queens! Jiwoo pointed out that she really admires the way they do their make-up and hair and that she likes their outfits a lot. When the group was thinking about the new comeback concept, Jiwoo exchanged a lot of ideas with their stylist and came up with something interesting.

“Drag queens are so cool. I am actually a big fan of Nana! She makes her own clothes and she’s so cool. I’ll show you a photo of her. It would be great if she found out that I’m a fan!”

After all that fangirling, Jiwoo went on to show us her nail art (see below) and played some of her favorite rap songs. 

We can’t help but admire this perspective that is rarely seen in K-pop! Then again, we all knew that K.A.R.D were a group of intellectuals.

New teasers will drop at midnight so make sure to check out our Countdown article.

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