KARD’s Somin Shows Support For X1’s Dongpyo

KARD’s Somin must be one of the most supportive sunbaes out there and we simply love it!

Earlier today, Somin added a photo of X1’s debut song “FLASH” to her Instagram story with a cute caption: “Dongpyo fighting!” She was referring to none other than Son Dongpyo, X1’s cute vocalist who participated in this season of Produce x 101 as a DSP Media trainee and successfully made his debut just yesterday, August 27.

But this isn’t the first time Somin, or other KARD members, showed support for their labelmate. Earlier this year, in July, Somin, J.Seph, B.M, and Jiwoo all cheered Dongpyo on by posting his Produce x 101 photo on their Instagram stories:

Somin also added to her story two snippets of Sunmi’s comeback hit “Lalalay” and, judging by the emojis in the first one, she thinks it’s a total bop! We certainly agree, and you can find out which other idol showed support for Sunmi here.

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