KCON 2019 LA Concerts Start Off With A Bang (Part 1)

On Saturday night, August 17, KCON 2019 held the first night of concerts at L.A.’s iconic Staples Center. The performers included rookie groups ATEEZ, LOONA, AB6IX, and IZ*ONE as well as older idol groups like NU’EST, SF9, and MOMOLAND – and all of them shined on the red carpet before hitting the stage.

KCON audiences have officially accumulated more than 1 million fans as of 2019, which is no surprise considering the large crowd at last night’s concert! This year’s theme is dream. Tonight’s special MCs were NU’EST’s Aron and Ren, who were later replaced by AB6IX’s Daehwi and Donghyun while they were preparing to go on stage.

The show started off with amazing covers by two of this year’s monster rookie groups: ATEEZ and LOONA. The boys went wild on stage covering their company’s sunbaes Block B’s hit song “Very Good” (wearing fabulous black/blue/maroon velvet suits), while LOONA stunned everyone with their rendition of BTS’ “Not Today”. You can catch snippets of their performances below!

AB6IX hit the stage next, looking hot in all black (Daehwi was a fashion icon in his ruffled shirt, but shouldn’t Youngmin with a choker be illegal!?). Only four of them did a short intro and started performing “Breathe”, with Woojin nowhere to be found until his rap part in the first verse, when he emerged from the bottom of the stage like the boss he is, sitting down on a chair for the rest of their KCON stage due to his ankle injury. The boys greeted and hyped up the audience after performing their debut song, afterwards proceeding to “Shining Stars”, with Woong in particular wowing everyone present with his high note, and Daehwi making us all fall in love with his aegyo. AB6IX’s ending song was the powerful track “Hollywood”, which looked just as amazing even though their talented main dancer wasn’t able to perform. Woojin made up for it with his cool low-tone rapping.

Unfortunately for ABNEW, KCONUSA did not share any clips of AB6IX’s performance, so we’ll just leave you with these lovely pictures of the boys in their red carpet and stage outfits from their own Twitter account.

Next up was IZ*ONE’s cover of “Love Will Show You Everything” by Jennifer Love Hewitt. Chaewon and Yuri blessed us with their amazing vocals😍

Then it was MOMOLAND‘s turn! Hyebin, Nancy, JooE, Nayun, Jane, and Ahin performed their most recent title track “I’m So Hot” as well as the previous bops “BAAM” and “BBoom BBoom” (with impressive 300+ million views on YouTube). The girls and the audience also sang “Happy Birthday” to JooE, who turns 21 today, August 18! We are sure that the best gift she could receive was the fans at the packed Staples Center singing “BBoom BBoom” as loud as possible🥳 #HAPPYJOOEDAY

Make sure to also check out Part 2 of our recap of the first #KCON19LA concert!

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