KCON 2019 Thailand – Day 1 Recap

This year’s fourth KCON (after Japan, New York, and Los Angeles) officially started today, September 28, and the first big concert was held at Impact Arena in Bangkok, Thailand.

KCON Thailand Day 1 welcomed a total of 10 performers: Boy Story, Everglow, Golden Child, GOT7, ITZY, Kim Jaehwan, Nature, ONEUS ,THE BOYZ and X1. 2PM’s Nichkhun was the special MC of the night. 

Everglow opened the event with performances of their debut song “Bon Bon Chocolat” and their latest hit “Adios”. Check out those amazing purple uniforms in the photo below:

And you can watch their powerful “Adios” performance below:

Next up were Boy Story, JYP Entertainment’s boy group sensation from China. The boys performed two songs: “Too Busy” and “Enough”

Although their Jackson hyung wasn’t there to rap his part of “Too Busy” we think that the group did an amazing job on their own. Did you know that their oldest member was born in 2004?! Talk about making us feel old…

ONEUS performed next and they promised us a special performance from the get-go. Turns out, it was a dance break version of “Twilight”! But first they set the stage on fire with a performance of “Lit”.

X1 made their KCON debut today with the performance of “I’m Here For You”. The boys wowed the audience with their immaculate visuals and vocal skills.

After X1’s performance, it was MC Nichkhun’s time to shine. He asked two fangirls in the audience who their faves were and they answered ITZY. One of the girls was actually holding an Ahgabong, so we can conclude that JYP Nation was indeed thriving today. ITZY members then greeted the fans and the crowd went wild, but it was Yuna’s aegyo that finished the fan that Nichkhun was talking to.

After the intermission, the lovely girls of NATURE performed the dance break version of “I’m So Pretty”, followed by “Shut Up!”. 

JYPE’s monster rookie ITZY hit the stage next with two of their hit songs: “ICY” and “IT’z SUMMER”. You can check out their shiny white and blue red carpet outfits in the photo below, as well as their “ICY” performance. 

Golden Child then performed “Genie” and their debut song “DamDaDi”.

After their performance, GOT7’s BamBam joined his sunbae Nichkhun as a special MC. The 2PM member teased his Thai native hoobae and said that it suddenly became hotter in the arena after he joined him up there. 

After a short break, it was time for cover stages.

Everglow was up first with TWICE’s “FANCY”. Despite being three members short compared to TWICE, Everglow nailed the choreography. Next up were ONEUS with a cover of BTS’ “DNA”. We must admit, a bold choice of a cover song, but they did an amazing job!

Former JYP trainee and SIXTEEN and Idol School contestant Natty did a fabulous cover of Sunmi’s “Gashina” and Boy Story then performed a song by their company sunbaes GOT7: “Hard Carry”. 

After the cover stages, THE BOYZ performed a total of three songs: their latest single “D.D.D”, “Bloom Bloom” and “No Air”. They did a wonderful job despite missing Hwall due to his injury.

Former Wanna One member Kim Jaehwan took the stage next and sang “Begin Again” and “Blow Me” – blowing everyone away with his impressive vocals.

Nichkhun then announced the “global K-pop sensation” and X1 went on stage again. This time, they delighted the audience with their debut song “FLASH”. The boys – bar Yohan, who is still recovering from his ankle injury – threw an amazing dance performance. Afterwards, the boys got a special mission: they had to dance to “FLASH” at twice the song’s normal speed. Next up, X1 performed “MOVE” and “U Got It” before they concluded today’s performance with their Produce X 101 single “X1-MA”

Check out the clips of X1 performing all four songs here:

X1 will perform tomorrow as well, so stay tuned!

Lastly, GOT7 – the biggest stars of the night – appeared on stage. First, Jackson hyped up the audience before the group kicked off their part of the show with “Eclipse”.

Then the crowd went wild when BamBam greeted the fans in Thai and the boys briefly danced to the chorus of “Lullaby” and “Hard Carry”. The performances of “Just Right” and “Miracle” were up next. Finally, GOT7 closed KCON Thailand Day 1 with “Hard Carry”.
They definitely left their mark, as the hashtag GOT7_KCONTH2019 has been trending at No. 5 worldwide on Twitter. Ahgases are no joke!

Stay tuned for more news on KCON Thailand and Day 2 performances.

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