KCON 2019 Thailand – Day 2 Recap

Recap of Day 1 available here!

The second concert of KCON 2019 Thailand at Bangkok’s Impact Arena started on September 29 at 9:30 pm KST. This year’s theme is KCON WONDERLAND.

Tonight’s show kicked off with a jaw-dropping opening rap performance by Stray Kids’ 3RACHA, (G)I-DLE’s Soyeon, and ATEEZ’ Hongjoong. First, Hongjoong emerged on stage spitting fire to “A to Z”, followed by Soyeon who performed “Dollar $$$”. Then Han, Changbin and Bang Chan each rapped their verse of “Maze of Memories”.
Finally, all five rappers came together for the chorus of 3RACHA’s “Runner’s High”. Honestly, it was the definition of lit. Way to start KCON Thailand Day 2 with a bang!

The rookies VERIVERY were the first group to take the stage. They performed a dance break version of “Tag Tag Tag” as well as their debut song “Ring Ring Ring” and, lastly, “From Now”.
You can see the boys shining on the red carpet and clips of their stage below.

Then came the female rookies BVNDIT, who performed their debut song “Hocus Pocus”, followed by their latest single “Dramatic”.

The girls were later joined on stage by their company sunbae Chungha! They delivered an amazing performance of Chungha’s hit “Flourishing” all together. And this collab was special not only because BVNDIT is known as “Chungha’s little sister group”, but also because their main rapper Yiyeon is actually Chungha’s best friend. Talented BFFs right there!

Afterwards, Chungha and her team of backup dancers performed her latest bop “Snapping”“Gotta Go” – the song that got her the first music show win – and, finally, her 2018 hit “Roller Coaster”. The queen delivered stunning performances and served looks tonight!

ATEEZ were up next! Yunho, Seonghwa, San, Yeosang, Hongjoong, Wooyoung, and Jongho appeared on stage to a short intro and the iconic line “Hakuna Matata ya”. You know what that meant – “Wave” was the first song they performed!

As if he wasn’t already iconic for opening KCON Thailand earlier, Hongjoong also proved his talent and dedication by rapping Mingi’s verses in addition to his own. But, don’t worry, Mingi should be back next week, in time for ATEEZ’ comeback!
After greeting the audience, ATEEZ performed “Say My Name” and “HALA HALA” and we were killed by their charisma and sharp choreography. Just ATINY things, am I right?
Check out their stage outfits and clips of the “Wave” and “Say My Name” performances.

Then it was time for the beautiful and talented IZ*ONE to perform “Hey. Bae. Like It / Sunflower”. Check out the girls’ adorable red carpet outfits in the post below…

…as well as their aesthetic stage.

AB6IX hit the stage with a powerful intro including a part of their song “Absolute”. That “Rock it, rock it, rock it” verse sure rocked the KCON stage! Then Youngmin, Woong, Daehwi, Donghyun, and Woojin performed their debut hit “Breathe”… And yes, you read that right: Woojin is back! This was the first time to see him dance on stage after injuring his leg this summer. Our dancing machine was healthy and in his element tonight.

The group’s final song was “Shining Stars”, written by the rising producer-idol Donghyun. ABNEW, you’ll get a chance to hear some of the new songs the members wrote and composed when their first LP drops a week from now. Check our AB6IX Comeback Countdown for more!

After wrapping up their KCON performance, AB6IX posted some cute group photos on Twitter with the caption:

A day at KCON Thailand with ABNEW 😎 Were AB6IX cool on stage today❗❓ See you really soon❤️

Following AB6IX’s amazing performance, (G)I-DLE’s Miyeon and Minnie appeared as MCs. Minnie said that this was a very special place for her, since she is a Bangkok native. The girls kept it short and sweet and announced the next group to perform: Stray Kids. 

Stray Kids kicked off their performance with a short remix of “Road Not Taken”. Then it was time for “Side Effects”, after which they briefly greeted the audience in their ment. The anthem that is “Victory Song” was up next and the boys closed their part of the show with “MIROH”.

It was the standard Stray Kids’ KCON setlist, but we are sure that Thai STAYs were thrilled to hear and see it live! Also, how handsome were the members in those black and white outfits?

Next up on stage were (G)-IDLE. They performed all of their greatest hits, starting with their latest title track “Uh-Oh”, followed by a shorter version of “HANN”. Then the crowd went absolutely wild as the girls performed their debut track and the absolute fan favorite “LATATA”. They concluded their amazing stage with “Senorita”.
Even though all the girls were undoubtedly amazing, you could definitely tell that Minnie was especially energetic, since she was performing in her hometown.

Then it was time for special OST stages! First, Chungha delivered a touching performance of her Hotel Del Luna OST “At the End”, followed by an emotional rendition of Paul Kim’s “So Long” by three boy group main vocalists: VERIVERY’s Yeonho, Stray Kids’ Woojin, and ATEEZ’ Jongho. It was an incredible collaboration and the crowd obviously loved it!

After yesterday’s amazing performance, it was time for X1 to set the stage on fire once again. They opened with their debut title track “Flash”. Judging by the deafening screams coming from the audience, the song already found its place in everyone’s hearts.

Before continuing with their performance, the boys made sure to greet the audience once again and thank everyone for supporting them and cheering so loudly. Then it was time for “Like Always” and “U Got It”, followed by the very energetic “X1-MA“. You’ll be happy to hear that Yohan didn’t let his not-yet-healed ankle stop him from performing his heart out today.
All the boys were so amazing over these two days that you couldn’t even tell that this was their first KCON performance. Check out the boys on the red carpet and up on stage in the posts below.

Finally, X1’s fellow Produce series group IZ*ONE went on stage for the second time tonight and performed “Violeta”.

Before greeting the fans in the audience, the members wished Yena a happy birthday. Their main rapper turned 20 today!
Next up were “Highlight”, the iconic debut song “La Vie en Rose”, and “Airplane“. Finally, the girls closed this year’s KCON Thailand with the Korean version of their Produce 48 song: “Pick Me”. Everyone online went crazy over the fact that both X1 and IZ*ONE performed their Produce songs. Nothing gets past Stan Twitter.
You can check a part of their “Violeta” performance here:

And that’s it, another amazing KCON over. Did you manage to watch the stream on V LIVE? What did you think of the performances? Let us know down below!

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