Konnect Ent To Take Legal Action Against Malicious Comments And Rumors

Kang Daniel’s agency, Konnect Entertainment, announced on their official website earlier today that they would be taking legal measures against malicious commenters.

Below is the full statement:

Hello. This is KONNECT Entertainment.
We first express gratitude for the love and support given to our artist Kang Daniel.
This is an official statement regarding legal action on malicious posts on our artist Kang Daniel.
Recently, illegal posts with false information, sexual harassment, defamation, privacy violations, malicious rumors, and more are being posted recklessly. Not only is the artist receiving harm mentally, but we recognize that fans are also receiving severe harm.
We judged that it is our top priority to protect our artist, his family, and fans, so we will be taking legal action regarding malicious posts. We will not settle or be lenient about illegal acts such as writing and spreading malicious posts toward our artist, and we once again emphasize that we will take strict legal action.
We are continuously monitoring several online portal sites, online communities, and social media to gather evidence. In addition, we have created an official email account for fans to report the data they have collected on these illegal acts. Please check below for details on how to report the data. We ask for the active cooperation of fans.
We will put in our full effort for the protection of our artist’s rights and interests.

Thank you.

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