“La Rouge” Day 2: BlackVelveTwice Reunion And More

On the second day of Red Velvet’s “La Rouge” concert in Seoul, fans spotted a lot of familiar faces in the audience; like certain members of TWICE, BLACKPINK and Oh My Girl, as well as Sunmi and Taeyeon.

TWICE returned from Japan just yesterday (Nov. 23) and it seems that some members decided to spend their free time attending concerts. Earlier today, Dahyun was spotted at Stray Kids’ concert, while Momo and Nayeon decided to show support to their friends in Red Velvet.

In addition, BLACKPINK’s Jisoo was spotted in the audience alongside Seulgi’s biggest unnie fan – Sunmi

…and just two rows above them, Taeyeon was seen equipped with her “mandubong”, sitting in front of Irene’s parents!

Taeyeon & Irene’s mom (standing)

Finally, ReVeluvs also noticed that Oh My Girl’s leader Hyojung was there to cheer for Red Velvet as well.

Judging by the amazing setlist and various concepts Red Velvet already showed during last night’s concert, we have no doubt that their fellow female idols and the rest of ReVeluvs in attendance will have an amazing time tonight!

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