Lee Dahee – Mamamoo’s Biggest Fangirl

If you’ve been a fan of either Mamamoo or Lee Dahee for at least a while, you already know that the beauty is absolutely smitten with our Mamamoo girls. This article is our attempt to show you some of our favorite interactions between them.

Dahee once said that she discovered Mamamoo with “Decalcomanie” and she was already a hardcore stan at last year’s Mnet Asian Music Awards. Don’t know what we’re talking about? Look up the video of Dahee giggling and blushing when she got the opportunity to hand Mamamoo their Favorite Vocal Artist Award.

In June of this year Mamamoo released “WOW”, an OST for Dahee’s drama Search: WWW. Naturally, Dahee took this opportunity to shout the girls out on her IG account.

On July 24 Mamamoo released “Gleam” and Dahee immediately promoted it by posting this.

Soon after that, the actress decided that enough was enough and that she had to make her MooMoo title official. On July 30 she posted a video of herself holding Mamamoo’s lightstick Moobong, flexing how she got it signed by all of them.

On August 28, a day before the first episode of Mnet’s Queendom aired, she posted the following photo with the caption:

Are you Moonbyul’s mic? Nice to meet you.

Queendom has given us countless adorable interactions between these amazing women, like these two.

Moonbyul replied to this post by saying:

Goodnight unnie. Let’s make more memories together.

A few days ago, on October 31, Mamamoo won the competition, and all hell broke loose.

During the episode, right before Dahee and her fellow MC Jang Sungkyu announced who the winners are, Hwasa’s hand appeared out of nowhere and she started fixing Dahee’s luscious ponytail.

(By the way, everyone who had been paying close attention to Dahee when she opened her envelope knew Mamamoo won even before she announced by her little satisfied smile that she just couldn’t suppress.)

In the caption Dahee teased Hwasa about “fixing unnie’s hair” and being cute hiding behind Wheein after everybody started laughing.

Not only that, but one of her hashtags reads “Mamamoo I want to bite you”, while the other says “I’m MooMoo Unnie”.

She consolidated her role as MooMoo unnie in this exchange with a fellow MooMoo.

The first comment says that some fans like to call Dahee “MooMoo president“, to which she replied that there’s not much she can do to be a MooMoo president, and that she’ll just stick with being a friendly MooMoo unnie”.

In another exchange on the post Dahee expressed her willingness to be the MC for Mamamoo’s Mnet comeback show, which they won by winning Queendom. Can you imagine Dahee being actually free to fangirl over Mamamoo on TV, if she barely kept it together on Queendom, for which she had to stay neutral?

Hopefully we’ll find out some details about the show soon, seeing as Mamamoo are gearing up for a comeback on November 14 with their second full album. You can read more about that by clicking here.

Let’s all keep our fingers crossed that we get to see MC Dahee let her inner fangirl roam free in the show!

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