Less Than 3 Weeks Until X1’s Debut

In exactly twenty days the new eleven-member group will drop their first mini album 비상: Quantum Leap.

Thanks to their participation in the Mnet competition reality show Produce 101, the freshly formed group already has a sizable following both in Korea and world-wide.

The boys are not spending their last few weeks before they officially enter the K-pop scene idly. They have an active Instagram page, not one (official) but two (member) Twitter profiles, as well as a VLive channel where you can see their first VLive ever, along with three other videos currently up on the channel. Their YouTube channel only has one video up, but that is going to change real soon.

If everything goes as planned (and we all hope that it will), the group will be active and thriving for at least five years under Swing Entertainment and Stone Music Entertainment. The first half of this period the members are expected to focus solely on the group, while during the second half they will have the freedom to explore solo debuts and collaborations with other artists.

If you’re still not sure how can a group be so popular even pre-debut, we recommend you to check out this performance.

Are you excited for X1’s debut? Do you think they will live up to the hype? Let us know down below!

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