Lisa And Rosé Play BLACKPINK Monopoly

In case you didn’t know, YG Entertainment has recently released a Blackpink Monopoly game in collaboration with Hasbro, an American worldwide toy and board game company.

The pre-orders started on September 21, the day the girls held their fan meeting Private Stage [Chapter 1] at the Olympic Park in Seoul.

If you were lucky enough to snatch one of these special edition games, you will receive a board featuring a photo of all the members, dice (a pink die and a black die, of course), banknotes with photos of the girls on them, pink houses and black hotels, and golden pieces for moving around the board. If you want to see the package for yourself, you can do so by clicking here.

Today, December 11, Lisa and Rosé took to their personal Instagram accounts to show us they were enjoying the game as well.

Lisa just posted a Boomerang showing the board and the box it came in…

… while Rosé let us know that she was playing the game “with the fam”.

How cute is this game, Blinks? Let’s all keep us fingers crossed we’ll get to see the girls play it together in a future V Live broadcast.

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omg so cute

quiero conocerte

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