[BLACKPINK] Lisa & Rosé Reenact Lion King Simba’s Presentation Scene

Lisa And Rosé surprised Blinks today with a very special Vlive!

At the very beginning of the video, the girls tease the fans that they have a special surprise for them at the five minute mark.

And that surprise is…

There is a new addition to the Blackpink family! It seems like 11 furry friends they already have just weren’t enough, so Lisa got another itty bitty kitty – Lily! The adorable kitten is allegedly the daughter of the beautiful tomcat Luca, who’s been featured on Lisa’s Instagram numerous times.

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The girls, obvious fans of The Lion King, judging by their latest Instagram posts, couldn’t help themselves and they reenacted the iconic Simba scene, music and all. If you want to see baby Lily as Simba, check out this video at 9:10.

Which member of the Blackpink furry family do you find the cutest? Let us know down below.

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