[Lovelyz, Mamamoo] Kei And Hwasa’s Budding Friendship

In a recent interview the beautiful Kei opened up about her budding friendship with her duet partner Hwasa.

If by some chance you still don’t know, both lovely ladies and their groups are currently participating in Mnet’s new show Queendom, which started airing back in August.

In the last two episodes the audience got to see Kei and Hwasa get progressively closer as they worked on their duet which we’ll finally see in the next episode.

It all started when Hwasa chose Kei instead of (G)I-DLE’s Minnie as her partner for the duet they have to prepare.

Ever since they started working together on the song, everyone has been talking about how bubbly and openly affectionate Kei has been towards Hwasa. Kei explained this by saying that Hwasa was tired on set, because she had just come back from an overseas schedule and she wanted to lift her spirit and energy up. I think we can all agree that she succeeded in it.

Kei also said that she considers Hwasa her teacher in many ways – she really helped Kei while they were rehearsing for their next stage and gave her many pointers as to how she could improve her performance.

She praised Hwasa for her ability to focus not only on her singing, but also on all other aspects of a good performance and admitted to being Hwasa’s fan for a long time.

If you want to see some of their interactions, go check out this article. In the video you can see Kei telling Hwasa that she misses her, and if you pay close attention you can notice that the girls stopped using honorifics with each other.

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