[M Countdown] GOT7’s Comeback Special + HyunA & DAWN’s New Start

On today’s episode of M Countdown, the audience was in for quite a treat. The star-studded lineup included some of the most anticipated comebacks in a while: GOT7, HyunA, BVNDIT, VICTON, and (G)I-DLE.

HyunA’s epic return to the stage for a performance of her new single “Flower Shower” was nothing short of extraordinary. Dressed in a lavish white dress, she took the stage with a big group of background dancers and arranged a real-life flower shower, making it rain flower petals.

DAWN’s performance of “Money” marked his debut as a solo artist, as well as his first release under a new label (P Nation).

GOT7 brought Call My Name to the show, performing three songs: “Crash & Burn”, “Thursday” and “You Calling My Name”. The latter (title track) really made their new concept shine through, with the boys showcasing smooth choreography dressed in sleek and shiny suits.

This week’s winners were Monsta X, taking the trophy with “Follow”. Read more about that here.

Which comeback stage did you like best?

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