MakeUs Entertainment To Take Legal Action In Light Of Malicious Comments About Sunmi

Sunmi’s record label, MakeUs Entertainment, has issued an official statement on their Twitter profile saying they are preparing to take legal action against those who have recently been spreading defamatory and malicious comments about the artist.

They claim that these comments are a threat to her image and urge Sunmi’s fandom, Miyane, to help them gather evidence against those slandering the idol by reporting such comments directly to the label using the e-mail address they provided in the statement.

In addition to all of this, they call all fans to actively participate in creating a more mature and healthy Internet culture by not condoning such harmful behavior and looking out for anything worth reporting.

You can see the full statement below.

The comments on this Tweet are overwhelmingly positive, with fans expressing their gratitude that the label has decided to take action.

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