Mamamoo And (G)I-DLE Appear On ‘Immortal Songs’

Today, October 5, was a very special episode of Immortal Songs for us at The Standom – our queens Mamamoo and (G)I-DLE performed today, along with U Sung Eun & Giant Pink, Yook Jong Wan and his band, Hoppipolla, Gugudan’s Nayoung and VERIVERY’s Dongheon and Yeonho.

All of the participants of today’s episode performed Koyote songs, and all three members –  Kim Jongmin, Shin Ji, and Bbaek Ga – were in the studio with them.

Now, if you’ve been keeping up with Immortal Songs or Mamamoo, you’ll know that the girls have performed on the show over a dozen times. The last time Mamamoo was on Immortal Songs was over a year ago, and when the hosts asked them how they felt being there again, Hwasa said that everything looked very different and that it seems like they made a lot of money – they upgraded from rickety chairs to some very comfy-looking couches. The host joked that they had to take out a hefty loan for that. KBS doesn’t let their videos be embedded, so if you want to check it out, click here.

For their stage Mamamoo chose the song “Meeting”. The song was first released as a ballad in 1995 by Im Jihoon, but then in 1998 Koyote transformed it into an upbeat dance song. Moonbyul said their only goal is to perform well, but also showcase their own style. Hwasa added that their performance will be really mellow and gentle, and that they’re going to leave it up to the rest of the participants to do something more exciting. Check out their performance here.

So, Mamamoo have four main vocals? Because Moonbyul’s voice is absolutely amazing! Even the MCs commented that they were blown away when they heard the rapper sing. Shin Ji was also very happy with that the girls did with the song. She admitted to getting choked up because Mamamoo’s version really showcased the emotions in the song.

Mamamoo’s hoobaes (G)I-DLE also left a very good impression on everybody. Before their actual performance they showed us and everyone in the studio snippets of their choreos for “LATATA” and “Senorita”. The girls also wowed everyone when they told them they are self-produced and that the incredible Soyeon was behind their today’s performance.

Another heart-warming moment was when Miyeon said that, when she was younger, she went to a Koyote fansign and got Shin Ji’s autograph. Shin Ji later commented that all three members are big (G)I-DLE fans and that they are very happy the girls performed their song today.

Speaking of their performance, the girls chose a 2002 song “Sad Dream”. You can check out their amazing performance here. You really can’t tell that this is their first time on the Immortal Songs stage.

The episode’s winner were the innovative and quirky Hoppipolla, but all six groups performed their hearts out.

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