Mamamoo Comeback Countdown

D-1 (November 13)

(12 am KST)

D-1 is finally official upon us and the girls are back with another MV teaser.

With every new teaser, this music video seems more and more iconic. Hwasa with a lip ring? Check. Wheein with purple eyebrows? Check. Drag queens with hair bigger than our hopes and dreams in leopard print skin-tight shirts? Check. What more does anyone need? Hwasa spitting fire? Oh yeah, they have you covered.

This comeback feels bigger and better than anything we’ve seen so far, and this is the Mamamoo we’re talking about.

D-2 (November 12)

Just like we were promised yesterday evening, the reality in BLACK highlight medley has been uploaded to the girls’ V LIVE account at 5 pm today.

Even though we’ve already heard snippets of all the songs in the group’s alternate universes individual teasers, it was nice to hear more to get us even more excited for the album.

Good thing it comes out in just slightly over 48 hours, on November 14 at 6 pm KST.

What do you think the girls will show us tonight and tomorrow?

D-3 (November 11)

(11:11 pm)

Less than three days before reality in BLACK drops, Mamamoo uploaded their Special Teaser Image, which is basically a summary of all of their roles in the four universes.

In the tweet they also announced that we will be getting a highlight medley at 5 pm, presumably tomorrow.

Is it just us, or is it strange that the they are suddenly announcing when they will drop another teaser? So far it seemed they really like to keep us on our toes.

In any case, we’ll be here tomorrow at 5 pm KST to hear what they have in store for us, so stay tuned for that!

(12 am KST)

Mamamoo have once again decided that one teaser per day is just not enough for them, so they decided to kick off D-3 with a fierce MV teaser for “HIP”!

Judging by what we see in the teaser, they somehow managed to fit in all four universes in the MV, and we’re definitely sure we’re not ready for the four of them in all of their roles in the span of 3-5 minutes.

We sincerely hope that we’ll get to see them in all of the roles during the promotions. The music shows won’t know what hit them!

D-4 (November 10)

(11:11 pm KST)

On this lovely Sunday evening we got another first universe group concept photo.

Even though Halloween has (long) passed, this orange and black aesthetic fits the spooky season completely.

Usually the group concept photo was always followed by their individual photos and videos. Does this mean that we won’t be getting those in the next hour?

D-5 (November 9)

(11:11 pm KST)

Moomoos, it seems that we got out Mamamoo back! On November 9 they uploaded this photo on their official Twitter account.

If this is not some sort of a trick, first universe should be the one in which Mamamoo are Mamamoo – superstar vocal queens we all fell in love with. We have to say that it’s good to have them back, no matter how interesting the other three universes were.

Also, the black, white and red aesthetic they have going on in this concept photo is absolutely amazing. This concept seems to their most fierce one in recent history, and we’re here for it.

Do you think we’ll get another teaser at midnight KST? What about the individual teasers tomorrow?

(12:15 am KST)

The final teaser of the day gave us Solar absolutely rocking out to “Destiny“.

At the end of the video Solar is joined by the other three girls, still very much in their respective characters, and they all fool around while “HIP” is playing.

All these teasers got our heads spinning in the best way possible and we’re excited for tomorrow!

(12 am KST)

The most beautiful, and no doubt powerful, president in the (fourth) universe Hwasa kicked off D-6 teasers.

At the beginning of the video we see her reading a newspaper and we see an ad for Solar’s concert on the back.

Again we heard a part of the title track (and Hwasa’s baby, scroll down to D-7 12 am KST teasers) “HIP“, and the track sounds more and more fierce every time we hear it. That spitting sound at the end was something else.

D-6 (November 8)

(11:45 pm KST)

In the last teaser of D-7 we see entertainment CEO Moonbyul receiving Wheein’s record, but not paying it too much attention.

We also got to see our rockstar Solar on those beautiful posters in the background.

We can’t wait to see how Hwasa fits in all of this.

(11:30 pm KST)

The first individual video preview of the fourth universe brought us indie artist Wheein singing “Ten Nights” in her artfully messy trailer.

The girls are out to get us with these teasers. Wheein wrote “Moon Star World” in Chinese on the envelope in which she put her demo record. “Byul” means “star” and Moonbyul is an entertainment CEO and her company is probably called “Moon Star World”. So indie artist Wheein is hoping to get signed by Moonbyul? Fingers crossed!

How will the other girls be connected?

(11:11 pm KST)

Well Moos, we don’t know about you, but we got it all wrong with our predictions yesterday. Let’s see what the girls actually are in the fourth universe.

We have indie artist Wheein, entertainment CEO Moonbyul, president Hwasa (funny, she actually met the South Korean president), and rockstar Solar. Turns out, she Solar actually is channeling her inner Porcelain Black!

We can’t wait to see the girls’ individual videos, so stay tuned for that!

(12 am KST)

Our girls really like to keep us on our toes, don’t they? Here is the full tracklist for reality in BLACK.

The girls were heavily involved in the process of making this album: Hwasa contributed to the lyrics and composing of “HIP”, Moonbyul is a songwriter on “ZzZz”, “4x4ever”, “Universe”, “Better”, “High Tension”, and “Hello Mama”, and Solar is the sole person behind “I’m Your Fan” (both lyrics and composing were done by her).

We stan incredibly talented women!

D-7 (November 7)

(11:11 pm KST)

Mamamoo Multiverse is thriving, Moos! Here we have the girls in their fourth universe group concept photo.

Moonbyul is giving us college professor vibes, Solar is a modern Cruella de Vil, Wheein looks like she came back from Woodstock and Hwasa is channeling some high-ranking admiral.

We can’t wait for tomorrow to see if we managed to guess something right!

Feel free to let us know what you think the girls are this time 🙂

(12:15 am KST)

If looks could kill, Hwasa would be in a lot of trouble! That eyebrow raise at 0:34 was NOT okay.

In this gorgeous teaser we got to hear “Destiny” and “HIP” again. What is so special about “HIP”? This is the only teaser that features all four members as well as some bangin’ choreography.

Here are all the song titles that have been revealed so far:

  • “Universe”
  • “Better”
  • “ZzZz”
  • “Destiny”
  • “4x4ever”
  • “HIP”
  • “High Tension”
  • “Hello MaMa”.

Mamamoo have really went above and beyond with these trailers, and we’re not even halfway done!

(12 am KST)

Wheein took us to D-8 with her solo preview.

Wow, pink eyebrows and purple hair is a LOOK; one that suits Wheein very well, we might add.

We see painter Wheein listening to a record by none other than our musical actor Hwasa, and the beautiful old-timey song is called “Hello MaMa”. No “HIP” this time?

D-8 (November 6)

(11:45 pm KST)

Only 15 minutes after seeing Solar in the boxing ring, Moonbyul the choreographer has appeared!

“HIP” also made an appearance in her video, as well as a new track: “High Tension”. Also, make sure not to miss out on that slow-motion scene at 1:02.

(11.30 pm KST)

We were waiting for midnight, but it seems that Mamamoo simply couldn’t wait that long to drop this fierce video teaser starring Solar:

We got two song titles, Moos! “4X4ever” and “HIP” both sound like bops already. Jumping the gun? No. Mamamoo never disappoint.

(11:11 pm KST)

Today we got a better look at Mamamoo’s 3rd Universe concept with these beautiful individual shots.

It was obvious yesterday that Solar is a boxer in this universe, but we couldn’t quite tell what the other three girls were supposed to be.
Now we know: Moonbyul is a choreographer (Six Puzzle, anyone?), Wheein a painter (she totally looks like a struggling artist), and Hwasa is drop dead gorgeous as a musical actor.

Do you think we’ll be getting video teasers at midnight? Are there going to include some exciting hints just like the last ones? (If you don’t know what we’re talking about, scroll down.)

D-9 (November 5)

(11:11 pm KST)

Ten days before reality in BLACK sees the light of day, Mamamoo are back with another teaser.

3rd Universe? We still haven’t processed the second one!

This concept seems just a smidge fiercer than the one we’ve seen yesterday and the day before. It must be because Solar went from Cinderella to Million Dollar Baby.

Can’t wait to see what the girls have in store for us tomorrow…

(12 am KST)

Just 49 minutes after they posted the second batch of concept photos, Mamamoo are back with these adorable shots!

We love how Hwasa (and mini Hwasa) and Solar are all smiles and sunshine, while Moonyul and Wheein are serving us some fierce looks.

Additionally, RBW posted solo concept previews for all four girls over on their YouTube channel.

First we have environmentalist Wheein spreading the good message. Seriously, climate change is no joke.

Princess Solar is giving Cinderella a run for her money.

Hwasa in a red leather trench coat juggling chores and an absolute cutie of a daughter is something we didn’t know we needed.

MV director Moonbyul enjoying some wine on set is honestly such a mood.

And while we love seeing more of the girls in these fun new roles they’ve decided to take on for their comeback, we really want to know if all these snippets we can hear are from their new title track or if the girls will each have a solo on the new album.

It might be a reach, but have you seen all the references to various (mostly European) countries in the teasers? Some of the signs behind Wheein were in Slovak and Czech, Moonbyul is drinking French wine and there are stickers of Finnish and Portuguese flags on the cameras, Solar is seen next to the Queen’s Guards… Are the girls gearing up for a world tour in 2020?

If this is what we get now, what do RBW and Mamamoo have in store for us over the next ten days?

D-10 (November 4)

In the second batch of concept photos, we got our girls in their new roles…

mother Hwasa, MV director Moonbyul, princess Solar, and environmentalist Wheein.

What do Mamamoo have in store? How will they tie it all together?
Guess that’s for them to know and us to find out in 11 days.

D-11 (November 3)

Moos, what is up with Mamamoo uploading their teasers at 11:11? And the teasers just keep getting more and more cryptic. Check out this concept photo.

What does all of this mean? 2nd Universe? What if Mamamoo is not Mamamoo?

Is 2nd Universe a name of a song or a hint at their new concept? Or both? How will this universe differ from what we’ve seen so far from them?

Good thing we know Mamamoo are incapable of coming out with something that’s not amazing, so whatever this is, we’re going to accept it with open arms and ears.

November 14 can’t come soon enough!

D-12 (November 2)

On November 1 at 11:11 pm sharp, Mamamoo took to their official Twitter account to announce that they will be having a comeback with their second full album Bless Life And Carry Knowledge or reality in BLACK on November 14 at 6 pm KST.

And today, November 2, they began releasing official teasers with this cryptic shot.

Are those… two fours we’re seeing? This is the first album the girls are releasing since White Wind back in March, and that album was the final album in the “4 seasons, 4 colors” project. Or was it?

The acronym of the name of the album is BLACK after all, so using their second full album as a way to draw this epic era of their careers to a close would be the most brilliant thing to do.

We can’t wait for more teasers in the upcoming 13 days! Stay tuned!

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