Mamamoo Give Vague Hints About Future Plans

Today, October 1, the news agency OSEN published a short interview with Moonbyul, Solar and Hwasa over on their V Live channel. The interview took place back in late August/early September when the girls, sans Wheein who was taking it easy due to health reasons, performed at the V HEARTBEAT Festival in Jakarta.

You can actually watch the full concert by clicking here. Mamamoo’s performance starts at 01:17:54.

In the short interview the girls express how happy they are to be back in Indonesia and how grateful it makes them feel to see and feel all the love from their international fans.

When the girls were asked about their promotion plans for the rest of the year, Hwasa gave us the vaguest of answers – she said they have nothing that is set in stone, but that they will be visiting international fans some more and that in Korea they’ll be showing themselves “through this and that”.

So what did Hwasa mean by what she said? Well, Mamamoo are currently participating in Mnet’s show Queendom every Thursday at 9:20 pm KST (you can check out our recap of the last episode here and our predictions for the next episode here). All the participants of the show are preparing to release a new song for the show’s finale at the end of October. As of yet it is still unknown whether this release will be accompanied by all the usual comeback preparations and promotions.

The girls have an episode of Immortal Songs coming up on October 5, as well as many performances at various concerts and festivals all throughout October, including the Peace Concert also on October 5, Silla Cultural Festival on October 6, Gumi Love festival on October 12 and Fever Festival on October 27 and many more. And that’s only in October!

Moonbyul concluded the interview with “Please love and anticipate Mamamoo”, and we’re definitely already doing both of those things.

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