[Mamamoo] Hwasa X Woogie Collab Coming

UPDATE (October 11, 12 pm KST)

Just when we thought that the duo won’t release any more teasers before they drop the song this afternoon, they surprised us once again!

The third photo teaser features Woogie, all immersed in his thoughts while he’s facing the fading sun rays.

UPDATE (October 10)

One more day to go and the last teaser just came out at 6 pm KST!

The second photo teaser brings us breathtaking Hwasa, posing for the camera with the fall sunset in the background. The mood is romantic, even nostalgic, as the fading sun rays are reflected on the sea.

We can’t wait to hear how Hwasa and Woogie will turn those emotions into lyrics tomorrow.

UPDATE (October 9, 6 pm KST)

D-2 brought us another sound teaser, and judging by what we’ve heard so far, it seems that Woogie and Hwasa managed to turn the essence of breezy autumn nights into a song.

Hwasa sings about standing “at the same place”, but also “on a different star”, which means that we’re getting a beautiful love ballad in two days.

Can’t wait!

UPDATE (October 8, 6 pm KST)

After yesterday’s beautiful image teaser, today we finally got some idea of what Hwasa and Woogie’s song will sound like, thanks to their Sound Teaser #1.

We don’t think anybody is ready for the perfection that is Hwasa’s voice in this Autumn ballad.

Tomorrow we might be getting another image teaser and then on Thursday, a day before the collab is set to drop, they might bless us with another sound teaser just to get us even more excited.

Stay tuned!

UPDATE (October 7, 6 pm KST)

Just a few moments ago we got the first image teaser for Hwasa X Woogie collaboration.

If you managed to peal your eyes off of the absolutely stunning Hwasa who is literally glowing, you saw that the collab is set to drop this Friday, October 11 at 6 pm KST. The title of their song is something along the lines of “In Fall/Autumn“.

In the tiny font at the bottom of the image we see that the lyrics were written by Hwasa, Woogie and Punchnello and that the song was composed by Hwasa and Woogie and arranged by Woogie.

Stay tuned for more updates!


Ever since Woogie posted a photo of himself and Hwasa working on something on his Instagram account two days ago, their fans and the media have not stopped speculating about what this could mean.

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Today, September 3, Woogie finally gave us some more information to go on.

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While “HWASA X WOOGIE NEXT WEEK” is still really vague, at least now we know when to expect their collab to see the light of day.

Judging by the last time they worked together, we can’t expect anything less than a complete work of art from the two of them. This song is nothing short of perfect.

We’re just amazed that Hwasa has the time to work on another project, given how packed Mamamoo’s schedule is. You can check our article on their future plans by clicking here.

Can’t wait for next week!

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