Mamamoo Off To Jakarta + Hwasa’s Airport Look

Our favorite four girls are off to Jakarta to perform at the V Heartbeat Festival tomorrow, August 31. When airport photos came out, Moomoos were surprised to see Wheein was also going, since a few days ago RBW issued a statement saying they cleared her schedule for August.

Another thing that Twitter is buzzing about is Hwasa’s airport look. Now, if a mere mortal decided to put on a bucket hat, a cropped hoodie, very high-wasted boxers (?), baggy, oversized jeans with the zipper completely undone, they would look absolutely ridiculous. But Hwasa is not a mere mortal, now is she?

Hwasa is a goddess who could wear a potato sack and still look like the baddest b in town.

No bra, only a bra, unzipped jeans, overalls and a turtleneck, Hwasa will forever be our ultimate girl-crush.

Have fun in Jakarta, girls! We’re looking forward to seeing you on “Queendomnext week!

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