Mamamoo On Hidden Track No. V

If you remember, two weeks ago Mamamoo posted their first episode on Hidden Track No V. You can check out our article on that here.

Today, October 4, they came out with another short clip in which they talk about another two of their own songs they really enjoy.

Their first, or third, pick was the song “Gentleman” featuring Esna from their 2014 album Piano Man. Moonybul chose this song because she was involved in the process of writing the lyrics and she said she liked the song from the first moment she heard it.

The next song was chosen by Hwasa and it was “Wind Flower” from their Blue;s album which came out in 2018.

Hwasa said that this song perfectly fits and reflects Solar’s style, which makes sense since Blue;s is Solar’s album in their 4 Seasons, 4 Colors project. Moonbyul added that all of them really love that song and like to mention it in interviews, even though they talk more about their “greatest hits” when they’re on TV. According to them, the girls like this song so much they played it on repeat even before it was released.

What do you think about the girl’s top four picks? Are you surprised by any of the songs that made it on the list?

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