Mamamoo Talk Favorite Tracks And Get Emotional On Idol Radio

The special DJs of the 415th episode of Idol Radio were none other than our girls Solar and Moonbyul, and their guests were – you guessed it – Wheein and Hwasa.

At the very beginning of the episode the girls performed their latest title track “HIP”. Did you know that today they got their first win for the song on Mnet’s M Countdown? Check out this article to find out more. 

The girls touched upon both their first win and their record-breaking first week sales for reality in BLACK and thanked all MooMoos for making it possible. 

Wheein said she feels really touched and grateful to all MooMoos, even though this is not their first time getting a music show win. She’s right – it was their 35th time.

Then Hwasa once again explained the meaning behind “HIP”. She reiterated that the song was about not caring about others’ opinion and being unapologetically who you are. She then added that she believes acting nerdy is also hip.

The girls also talked about the amazing choreography for the title track. You all already know that the mastermind behind the choreo is the crazy talented Lia Kim. All four of them expressed their amazement with the choreography, saying it was the best of the best.

After that the girls talked about their favorite songs from the album. Moonbyul went first and chose “Better“. She said she liked the song from the very first moment she heard it because it has this certain “old sentiment”. Wheein chose “High Tension” because of the tempo, while Solar made us all go “awwww” when she said “I’m Your Fan” was her favorite. In case you didn’t know, the song is dedicated to us MooMoos.

Hwasa’s favorite song is “Destiny“, and after you hear her explanation, it will be yours as well. Our eloquent queen said that the song is about them as Mamamoo. At the beginning there were some misunderstandings between them and sometimes they hated each other, but in the end they were meant to be together. Becoming Mamamoo was their destiny. She added that she loves the powerful beat of the chorus because it makes it seem like they are getting closer and closer together. Moonbyul’s response to all of this was “I didn’t know the song had such a deep meaning”. We always knew Hwasa was a softie, and this just confirms it.

Wheein touched upon another song “Hello Mama”. She said the song was about all the words that are both really easy and really difficult to say to your mom. Very touching indeed.

The rest of the broadcast the girls spent doing what they do best – being extremely funny and chaotic. Emphasis on “chaotic”. First they acted as if they were shooting a bottled water CF, then they danced (if you can call it that) to various songs, including old Korean trot songs as well as the hit of our generation “Baby Shark“. Wheein was crowned “HIP Queen” and the girls got a cake from the Idol Radio staff.

After all of those shenanigans, it was time for the girls to get a bit more serious once again. They talked about their first concert and how touched they were back then. When the girls started expressing their love and appreciation for each other our baby Wheein started crying. She was soon followed by Hwasa and the other two.

After drying their eyes the four of them performed “Universe”. You’ll be happy to hear that Hwasa sang the whole song with a burger hat on her head. Unbothered.

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