MAMAMOO Prove To Be K-Pop Queens Of Billboard

2019 has been an extremely successful year for Mamamoo!

The girls had two (and a half) successful comebacks, starting with White Wind and “gogobebe” in March, followed by “Gleam” in July, and finally reality in BLACK and the already iconic “HIP” in November.

Not only that, but Hwasa’s “Twit” and Wheein’s “Goodbye” were both extremely well-received.

There’s more, of course. We can’t forget the girls were titled “Queens” on the first ever season of Mnet’s Queendom at the end of October.

With a year like that, it doesn’t come as any kind of surprise that Mamamoo have had their fair share of songs on Billboard‘s World Digital Song Sales chart this year.

Between February and November, the girls had a total of seven songs enter the chart – “Twit” (#3), “gogobebe” (#2), “Gleam” (#15), “Goodbye” (#24), “Good Luck” (#12), “Destiny” (#7), and the ultimate bop “HIP”, which is the girls’ first song ever to reach no. 1 on the Billboard chart.

Let’s hope that 2020 will be even better!

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