Mamamoo Release First Japanese Studio Album ‘4 Colors’

Today, August 7, Japanese MooMoos can finally get their hands on Mamamoo’s first Japanese studio album. The album will consist of twelve tracks, including Japanese versions of fan favorites such as “Starry Night”, “Egotistic” and “gogobebe”

The name of the album carries a lot of meaning, as Mamamoo recently finished their 4 Seasons, 4 Colors project. Their last four mini albums were called Yellow Flower, Red Moon, Blue;s and White Wind. Neat, huh? That’s not all. Each color, and therefore each album, represents one member and one season. 

It all started back in January 2018 when Mamamoo released their MV for the song “Paint Me”. In the video the girls are wearing beautiful monochromatic outfits: Hwasa is dressed in yellow (representing spring) Moonbyul in red (representing summer), Solar in blue (representing autumn) and Wheein in white (representing winter). Following this logic, Yellow Fever is Hwasa’s album, Red Moon Moonbyul’s, Blue;s Solar’s and White Wind Wheein’s. 

Question time, MooMoos. Which album out of these four did you like the best? Does the color of your bias coincide with the color of your favorite album? Let us know down below!

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