Mamamoo Reveal Which Two Of Their Own Songs They Love Most

Today, September 20, the first episode of Hidden Track No. V starring Mamamoo was released. You can check it out by clicking here.

The girls, sans Wheein who is thankfully feeling better and will start participating in all Mamamoo scheduled events from now on (you can check out our article on that here), were tasked with choosing two Mamamoo songs they like the most.

Their top pick was “Words Don’t Come Easy“. Hwasa chose this song, saying that she wanted to shed some light on it and give it some love. She said that all their title tracks are really popular and people love them, and that she wanted to take this opportunity to mention a less-know song which she really loves. The song was featured on their first studio album Melting which was released back in 2016.

Hwasa said that she felt drawn to the melody since the first time she heard it and that she doesn’t remember ever wrapping up her recording as fast as she did for this song.

Solar, who picked “Love Lane“, featured on their 2014 mini album Piano Man, kept it short and simple by saying that she had always loved this song.

Are you surprised by their picks? Which two Mamamoo songs are your favorite?

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