[Mamamoo] Solar Takes A Look At Her Past Life In YouTube Video

Yesterday, August 8, Solar uploaded a new video on her personal YouTube channel Solarsido.

In the eight minute video, Solar goes through a kind of guided meditation in order to find out who she was in her past life. At the beginning, Solar is seen talking to an expert about the results of some “pretest” that is supposed to determine what kind of person she is. Moomoos won’t be surprised to hear that she is a mentally healthy and emotionally stable individual who feels a strong desire to be acknowledged.

The next scene depicts Solar in a comfortable armchair, snuggled up in a blanket. She is visibly nervous as the meditation is about to start.

Believe it or not, Solar goes back to 954 and describes what her life was like. The video takes a depressing turn – it seems like Solar previously led a very lonely life. But, on a brighter note, Solar sees herself leading a happy life in the future, lying on the beach surrounded by friends.

Check out the whole video and let us know would you like to find out who or what you were in your past life!

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