[Mamamoo] Solar Talks About ‘Queendom’ In A YouTube Live Video

Today, September 16, Solar went live over on her personal YouTube channel Solarsido.

She talked about Mnet’s Queendom and said how she’s very pleasantly surprised with the show’s popularity. She added that she’s happy to see Mamamoo’s first two performances get such positive reactions, despite them not having enough time to prepare for the stages. What in the world? Both performances were perfect. Also, if you want to see what has happened in the show so far, we have the recaps of the first three episodes here, here and here.

Someone asked her if they got close to anyone on the show already, and Solar said that Moonbyul already knew some of the contestants, but that all of them are still too shy so they didn’t make new friends per say, but that she would like to get to know the AOA girls better.

She also talked about how Park Bom is a real sweetheart in person. She said that at first she felt intimidated by her sunbae because of her enormous popularity in 2ne1, but then all the girls saw that she was actually really nice. We also got that impression.

The rest of her time live Solar spent blessing us with her angelic voice. She sang Wheein’s new song “Goodbye“, Shawmila’s “Señorita“, Taeyeon’s “Four Seasons”, Park Bom’s “You And I” and many more. You should definitely go check out the video.

Can it please be Thursday already so we can watch Queendom? Even though Mnet seems to enjoy feeding into fan wars, the show is still a great opportunity to see amazing women give incredible performances. They at least don’t seem to be bothered by all the “controversy” surrounding the show, so we shouldn’t be either.

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