MAMAMOO Solar Visits Famous JYPE Cafeteria

As you all already know, Mamamoo and Park Jinyoung, the founder and CEO of JYPE and a superstar in his own right, performed together at 2019 MAMA on December 4.

Of course, a stage that spectacular required a lot of practice, so it comes as no surprise that Mamamoo spent some time at the JYPE building in the weeks leading up to the performance.

In today’s installment of Solar’s vlogs, the beauty took us with her to JYP BOB, a cafeteria in which all JYPE employees and idols eat.

At the beginning of the vlog, Solar explains that she’s there to practice for MAMA and that she had heard that the food in the cafeteria is organic and very delicious.

JYP, being the gracious host that he is, told the girls that they can eat whatever they want to their heart’s content, and Solar admitted to coming to the cafeteria extra early so that she could eat in peace.

She then said that she used to feel jealous of the JYPE staff for getting to eat there every day, and continued by saying that she had heard that some of them come in even on their days off just for the food.

After having a hearty organic meal, Solar made her way down to Soul Café, a cafe in the JYP building which is open to the public. She ordered a chocolate and strawberry ice-cream, saying that the first time she came there JYP himself treated her to it.

Towards the end of the vlog we see Solar with Park Jinyoung in a practice room and we can hear her thanking him for everything. Such a humble (but well-fed) queen.

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