[Mamamoo] Wheein Releases New Solo

Wheein just released the MV for her new solo song “Goodbye“.

This lovely song is one of the three tracks on her new album Soar.

Wheein herself described this song as an amazing fall song, saying that it combines the melancholy of leaves falling and rolling on the ground with the warmth of feeling the sun on your skin. We couldn’t have possibly put it any better!

The MV is an absolute work of art, just like the song itself. The main protagonist of the video did an amazing job of showing us all the emotions we can hear in Wheein’s voice.

Anyone who has ever broken up with their significant other can perfectly relate, both to the lyrics and to the MV – the emotional roller coaster people go through is very well depicted in the video.

Moomoos once again proved that they are such a supportive fandom – #SOARwithWHEEIN is no. 1 trending worldwide!

Congrats on another successful solo Wheein, your voice is something else!

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