[Mamamoo] Wheein Shows Off Her Dance Skills In A New Video

Our girl came back with a vengeance! After about a month of taking it easy due to health reasons (although she did drop a crazy successful single in the meantime), two days ago RBW announced that from now on, Wheein will be joining Hwasa, Solar and Moonbyul in their scheduled activities.

Although we were extremely happy to hear that she’s feeling better, we did not expect her to come and wreck not only out bias list, but our whole existence mere two days later.

Today, September 21, Mamamoo uploaded a new video on their official YouTube account. We’re warning you, the video is not for the faint of heart.

Wheein looking happy and healthy in oversized suits and bralettes grinding on the floor? Yes, please. We knew she can dance, but this is some other level ish.

But we have to say that the last minute or so of the video is our favorite. Wheein laughing uncontrollably while trying to perfect those sexy dance moves is such a Wheein thing to do.

Also, did you see the description box? Wheein dedicated this performance video to us, Moomoos, saying that we always inspire her. She made a joke referencing her song “Goodbye“, or literally translated “Let’s Break Up”, by saying “Let’s not break up!” We wouldn’t dream of it! She also thanked the fans for getting the song to no. 1 on many charts.

We’re glad to have her back and we hope she’s still taking it slow 🙂

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