Mamamoo’s Relay Dance & reality in BLACK Record

This comeback is just a gift that keeps on giving for all MooMoos!

After the amazing “HIP” MV the girls released, we got three practice videos, a special group performance video and a choreographer Moonbyul performance video – all in under a week.

Today, November 21, the girls gave us another treat – “HIP” relay dance video!

Just look at these four main dancers slaying Lia Kim’s choreography like it’s no big deal, all the while looking like the real visual queens they are. And we’re so glad to see president Hwasa dressed ridiculous…ly good!

In other news, reality in BLACK has become the girls’ most sold album since their debut. With more than 70k copies sold in just a week, it seems to be much more successful than its predecessor – White Wind was sold in just under 40k.

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