Mamamoo’s Solar and VIXX’s Ravi Open Up About Their Collab

Two days ago, Ravi announced that his new track will be featuring Mamamoo’s Solar. The song “Leopard” is going to be released on August 22 at 6 pm KST, and you can read about it more right here.

On August 21 they posted a video on the official GROOVL1N YouTube channel. If you didn’t know, GROOVL1N is Ravi’s new company.

In the video they talked about the song and their experience working together. You can find the recap below the video.

In the video we find out that Ravi proposed a collab even before this, but that Solar didn’t feel ready then. She said she was very happy that he came to her again for this song and that she has a feeling their collab is going to turn out amazing.

The interviewer then asked Ravi why did he chose precisely Solar for this song, and he answered that he had been wanting to work with her for a long time because her voice and singing style fit perfectly with the song he wanted to create.

He went on to say that Solar was a pleasure to work with and that the whole project went even smoother than he had anticipated thanks to her professionalism.

We also got a first hint as to what the song might sound like. When she was asked how she came up with her lyrics, she said that first she got to see Ravi’s lyrics and that she then realized that the song is going to be fierce and that there is no room for cutesy lyrics in it, and she channeled all the fierceness she had to write lyrics that would fit well in the song.

Finally, they asked her when does she feel the most confident. Solar answered that it had to be on stage when she can communicate with the audience through her lyrics. She added that she feels the most passionate when she can feel a connection with the audience.

Thank god we only need to wait a few more hours until the song comes out!

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