MC Hyunjin & MC Yeji At Asia Song Festival

JYPE’s two youngest groups have never been busier!

Just a few days after Stray Kids returned with “Double Knot” and started promoting the single on music shows, the boys performed at Asia Song Festival in Ulsan.

Stray Kids kicked off their part of the show with “Double Knot” before they briefly greeted the audience. Then they sang their March hit song “MIROH” before leaving the stage to Ha Sungwoon.

Meanwhile, their hoobae group, ITZY, blessed the fans with yet another performance of their two top songs : “ICY” and “DALLA DALLA”. Rumor has it, the girls are preparing for a late November / early December comeback, and we’re anxious for their new music to come out.

But today’s festival was even more special for certain two members of these groups. ITZY’s leader Yeji and Stray Kids’ Hyunjin were offered a chance to become the MCs for the night, along with SF9’s Chani. This comes just a day after ITZY’s Lia was a special MC at Changwon K-POP World Festival and it’s always nice to see the girls explore new possibilities and projects.

Just look at the video below and tell us – aren’t “the Hwang siblings” so cute?

Apart from the two JYPE groups performing tonight, two more rookie groups that have recently made a comeback – ATEEZ and AB6IX – performed their latest title songs. After the performance, Hyunjin and AB6IX’s Daehwi briefly met their friend, ATEEZ’ Jongho. ATEEZ’ youngest member turned 19 today (international age), and his two friends used this opportunity to wish him all the best for his birthday.

We always love to see idols support each other, and we can’t wait for more of their interactions!

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