Meet The Man Behind Sunmi’s “Lalalay” Outfits

In the latest episode of Miyane Cam we got to meet the talented Kevin Germanier, a Swiss designer dedicated to making gorgeous, but sustainable partywear and the man behind GERMANIER label.

He had the great honor of dressing some of the biggest fashion icons of the past decade or so – Lady Gaga and Björk, and recently he added our very own Sunmi to that list.

In the video you can hear all about how the two met (Kevin stopped the interview for Dazed Korea he was in the middle of in order to talk to Sunmi), how they started working together and how they came up with the designs for all the beautiful outfits Sunmi wore in the “Lalalay” MV.

We think it’s safe to say that these two talented people are a match made in heaven!

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