Military Idols Release Special Single And MV

Missing the idols who enlisted? Worry not!

On November 6, the music video for “Run Run” – featuring Xiumin (EXO), Sungkyu (INFINITE), Key (SHINee), Changsub (BtoB), Jinwon (2AM), Jo Kwon (2AM), Yoon Jisung (ex-Wanna One), and actors Kim Minseok and Lee Jaekyoon – has been released!

This single was made to promote the Republic of Korea Armed Forces (a.k.a. ROK Armed Forces) as well as the army musical Return: The Promise of the Day, starring these celebrities and more.

VIXX’s N and 2AM’s Jo Kwon released the song “Shake Your Hand” (in collaboration with the military band) back in September for the same purpose.

Isn’t it nice to hear these men’s voices once again?

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