Minnie And Wengie’s “Empire” MV Is Out

Neverland, the day has finally come! We don’t know about you, but ever since we heard that first teaser a few days ago, we’ve been buzzing with excitement to hear the full masterpiece that is “Empire“.

And of course, these two lovely ladies did not disappoint. They released two versions of the song: one fully in English and one in which Minnie sings in Korean, which we highly appreciate. However, this song is such an empowering bop that it absolutely transcends all linguistic barriers.

Minnie rapping in English is what we all needed to hear!

It’s amazing that she got to chance to try something different and her voice is so soothing. After watching the music video, we can understand why Minnie said earlier today that the black MV outfits are her favorite ones – the duo totally rocks the dark concept!

If you missed Wengie’s and Minnie’s Live Twitter Q&A session, check out this article.

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