‘QUEENDOM’ EP. 1 Recap

The first episode of Mnet’s all-girl survival show “Queendom” just finished and there’s a lot to unpack.

At the beginning of the episode we get to see how the girls reacted when they found out what the concept of the show was and who their competition was. Some were excited, some were shocked, some were immediately competitive.

As you can see from the videos, all other five contestants deem Mamamoo a very worthy opponent. We especially love (G)I-DLE Soyeon’s reaction – upon hearing that Mamamoo is competing, the little queen immediately declared that (G)I-DLE have to win. She explained this by saying that she believes her group can beat anybody, as long as they have the right mindset.

Lovelyz Yein had a somewhat different approach – she said that she would be OK with her group losing from their sunbaes, but that losing from a hoobae group would be terrible.

Park Bom said she was looking forward to seeing her hoobaes perform and that she was hoping she could learn something from them. Now, that’s the spirit!

Speaking of Park Bom, Mamamoo expressed their excitement to see their sunbaenim perform and Solar even added that she was her idol, to which Park Bom replied that it was her honor. This whole exchange was so regal, they really are queens already.

After these pleasantries were exchanged, it was time to explain the rules of the show.

To sum up, the final score will be determined through the following:

  1. Points from three preliminary rounds (up to 35,000 points)
  2. Points gained after the release of new comeback songs (up to 15,000)
  3. Final comeback stage live voting (up to 50,000)

The MCs jokingly asked the girls what they would want to get if they won first place and AOA’s Seolhyun and Mamamoo’s Solar said “cash”, while Park Bom was a bit more specific with “two billion won” ($1,7 million). Alas, the winning group or solo artist will “only” get a special comeback show on Mnet!

We also found out how the voting will work – at least for this episode (the system will change throughout the show): there are 10 000 points in total, of which 7 000 are audience votes, 2 000 are special points, awarded by trainees in this episode, and the last 1 000 are given by the rest of the competitors. Pretty complicated.

But finally, FINALLY! It was time for the first performances of the show. Mamamoo blew everyone away with “Decalcomanie“. Honestly, these girls have unbelievable voices and stage presence! Just take a look.

The girls backstage fangirling is the cutest thing ever! And is it just us or is Hwasa everybody’s girl-crush?

After that stunning performance, it was time for Park Bom to show us what she’s got with her “You And I“.

I mean, to come on stage alone after Mamamoo takes a lot of guts. To come on stage alone after Mamamoo and give an equally amazing performance takes an insane amount of talent!

And that’s it for the first episode, ladies and gents. Did you manage to catch it live? Did you watch the performances on YouTube? What do you think? Let us know down below.

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